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If there’s any place that says heat of Pune City then it’s the peth area. There is an amazing amount of crowd that visits the peth area on a daily basis and at the same time, there is an unperturbed calm on the faces of people who live and work here. Our Sadashiv Peth branch tries to capture that calm in our Cold Coffees to our patrons especially after a hard day of work or shopping  Visit our Sadashiv Peth branch today and tell us which of our items brought calm to you.

Considered the best Cold and Hot Coffee Shop in Maharashtra, Cafe Durga was started in 2003 by Kapil Anil Kulkarni who wanted to create a bright, friendly and lively place for people from all walks of life to enjoy delicacies that are as friendly to one’s pocket as they are to one’s palate.

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